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Fast paced gap-filling game
2,000 yen
So Says Japan: Complete Set
Three Sets of So Says Japan
5,000 yen
So Says Japan: Food & Drink
Survey Guessing Game
1,800 yen
So Says Japan: Friends & Family
Survey Guessing Game
1,800 yen
So Says Japan: Weird & Wacky
Survey Guessing Game
1,800 yen

Welcome to Tanuki Games

Tanuki Games designs modern card and board games with the classroom in mind. Planned from the bottom up to be engaging, communicative and fun, our games make for excellent classroom activities that will motivate and help students become more confident language users. 

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Gonna to be a Resolution   Hello all and Happy New Year!   We hope you are all well and that you all had a nice New Year's break.   Today we want to offer you a new resource to use made from poor disca ...

Don't Pick a Fight Between Prefectures!   Hello everyone,   On twitter this week @kimuti_x posted this list:     【300人以上に聞いた】47都道府県に対する偏県をまとめました — キムテス🕶 (@kimuti_X) Decem ...

So Says Japan: Christmas and New Years (Winter) 2020!   Hello everyone,   Well, this has become an annual tradition. Here is our So Says Japan set for Winter 2020. These seasonal sets are fun to put together and give to you because, while mo ...

Thank You JALT and So Says Japan: Fall Hello everyone,   Of course we are sad not to be at JALT this year meeting and talking with everyone, but this post is a thank you to JALT for awarding Tanuki Games's Jay Underwood and Step ...

So Says Japan: Summer!   Hello everyone, We have a new free download version of So Says Japan with 10 new cards containing 14 new questions on all things summer.  We are very excited that this is the first ...


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