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Fast paced gap-filling game
2,000 yen
So Says Japan: Weird & Wacky
Survey Guessing Game
1,800 yen
All five Tanuki Games
6,500 yen
Golden Week
Holiday Planning Team Game
2,000 yen
So Says Japan: Friends & Family
Survey Guessing Game
1,800 yen
So Says Japan: Food & Drink
Survey Guessing Game
1,800 yen
So Says Japan: Complete Set
Three Sets of So Says Japan
5,000 yen

Welcome to Tanuki Games

Tanuki Games designs modern card and board games with the classroom in mind. Planned from the bottom up to be engaging, communicative and fun, our games make for excellent classroom activities that will motivate and help students become more confident language users. 

Latest Blog News

Great New Word Games for the ESL / EFL Classroom   Word games are an almost perfect fit for the language classroom, but I will say that part of me dies a little when I often see five copies of scrabble or boggle gathering dust in the corner of ...

Happy Old Year!   Hello everyone,   Last year four friends sat around a living room idea pitching ideas for games to each other. One was a co-op game about escaping a prison, another was about ghosts ...

Wham! It is So Says Japan Christmas and New Years!   Yes. We know. It is still November. However, we wanted to share this with you before we see you at JALT National in Shizuoka this weekend. Here is a small print and play version of So Say ...

So Says Japan: Ways to Play So Says Japan  is probably our most classroomy game. It is also one of our most versatile. When we started on it as a project, we had an idea of the multiple uses it has. But now that it has been ...

Do You Feel Lucky Do You Feel Lucky?   There are so many small-box games out there and a lot of them have something interesting to offer.  But which one to get?  Well, we don’t have the ...


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