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Games We Love : A Shakespearean Fiasco


Fiasco is a storytelling RPG about plans gone wrong. It is an RPG that requires very few resources, no set up time and can be easily explained as it is played. It is also easily adaptable to fit almost any theme. Indeed hundreds of playsets exist that cover everything from superheroes to spies, romcoms to Renaissance Italy. Although most games of Fiasco tend to veer towards a comedic theme within its flexible mechanics lay the possibility for drama, tragedy, farce and everything in-between. 


Many educators have realized that the structure of Fiasco is ideal for use in the classroom to teach a variety of subjects. Teachers have created their own playsets or ‘hacked’ the game to use in their classes. We have to! This is our Shakespearean version of Fiasco that uses location, themes, props and quotes from a wide range of the Bards works to create a playset that is incredible fun as well as a way to get students to discuss some of Shakespeare most famous lines. Even outside the classroom who doesn’t want to spend an evening making up stories while speaking in Ole’ Time-y voices!


Click on the image below and you can download our Shakespeare inspired playset: 



Our Playset




If you have never played Fiasco before or for more resources on how to play check out the makers website at https://bullypulpitgames.com/games/fiasco/

If you would like a more in-depth reviews and explanation check out these articles or videos:

Wired: https://www.wired.com/2011/08/fiasco-an-in-depth-rpg-review/

Father Geek: http://fathergeek.com/fiasco/

Shut Up and Sit Down: https://www.shutupandsitdown.com/rpg-review-fiasco/

Wil Wheaton playing on Geek and Sundry:

To see what is out there in terms of playsets go to http://fiascoplaysets.com/


and other educators turning Shakespeare into an RPG (LARP):  https://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/multimedia/Interactives/artsedge-games/170224-artsedge-games.aspx#ae-games-rpg 









This is part of the ‘Tanuki: Games We Love’ series. This is where we share RPGs, board and card games that we love to use in the classroom, along with lesson plans and adaptations for utilizing the game. We have no affiliation or deals with these companies. These are just games we genuinely think are a worthy addition to your classroom shelves. 



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