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Gonna to be a Resolution



Hello all and Happy New Year!


We hope you are all well and that you all had a nice New Year's break.


Today we want to offer you a new resource to use made from poor discarded data from our recent Winter free set. First a little background. 


When we make a set of So Says Japan we often collect a lot more information and results than we need. This is because sometimes we do not get very interesting answers - it just doesn't generate much interesting debate during a game - or because some questions just do not work for the game. Sometimes, however, we just get way too wide a variety of answers to fit on a poker sized card. The way the game is designed means that a huge array of answers skews the top five results and makes it very hard to guess those top five answers. This is a shame because sometimes that huge variety of answers is interesting. 


This resource is made from such data. When we asked hundreds of Japanese people what their New Year's resolutions were for 2021 we got a huge range of answers. This resource contains the first 100 answers. Some are pretty unsurprising but there are some really interesting and unique answers for you and your students to discuss. Download by clicking on the picture below. Thanks and enjoy! 




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So Says Japan: Phones and the Internet >>