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A Huge Thank You!

2018-06-04 by Tanuki


Hello again!

It has been a few weeks. The good news is that we have finally caught our breath and fully recuperated from the fun, excitement and, let’s face it, hard work that was the trip to Tokyo for PanSIG.  We would like to take a moment here to thank all of the kind people that we have met and been in contact with over the last few weeks. As usual, the conference was a wonderful experience and the discussions we had with everyone we met and talked with were informative, inspirational and really motivating.

We were especially heartened by all your positive reactions to our products. Like in education, feedback is essential for growth, and your critiques, comments and questions were all so very helpful. It has been exciting to take it all on board and we are now enjoying channelling it into what we are doing.

We here at Tanuki Games are just getting started.  As we are small team, our content may take some time to emerge, but we are intent on making fun, useful and quality products. We are sure you will not mind the wait!  That being said, be sure to look forward to some exciting things coming soon. Over the next year we have plans for lots of supplements and expansions for our current range of games. We also have plans for new role-playing, card and board games, as well as some exciting lesson plans and apps.  We hope they will be making their way to your classroom tables soon. 


Over the next six months we will be a fixture at more JALT conferences and other events across Japan, so always feel free to come and say hello. In the meantime, please check back on this blog soon and often for some fun free content and, as always, feel free to get in touch for anything you need. 


Thanks again and always.  Happy gaming, happy learning!



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