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So Says Japan: Christmas and New Years 2019!


Hello everyone,


Just in time for those end of year lessons, we have a new, updated and expanded set of So Says Japan: Christmas and New Years for you! Download it here:






This free version was a real hit last year, so maybe you will get a chance to use them in your classes over the next week or so. 


This year’s version contains updated versions of the eight cards from last year plus four new cards. All these cards are made from new survey data collected this year. While most things have gone unchanged there have been a few notable deviations from lasts year’s results that are fun to explore. 



If you were Santa, what would you give children all over the world?


This card had the biggest differences from last year. I hope this means that we are seeing a trend towards a less materialistic view of Christmas. However, it might be down to the slightly different question asked! Whatever the reason, toys has dropped to second place, beaten out by sweets (last year we labeled this as ‘food’ but when looking at the answers again we saw that all of the food was of the sugary variety, so changed this to ‘sweets’). Even better, money has completely gone to be replaced by love and peace! Yay love and peace!  



                                 2018                                                         2019


Who will you spend New Year’s with? 


This was a bit of an anomaly as friends and partner have swapped places this year. We probably need a bigger data set! However, it was nice to see that a few less people will be spending New Years alone this year. 


NewYear2018        SpendNY2019

                                 2018                                                            2019


What is the best Christmas Song?


While ‘All I Want for Christmas’ and ‘Last Christmas’ remain the firm favorites of many a Japanese person we have a new entry from a Japanese band for this year! Back Number have slipped into the number three slot ousting Ariana Grande. Back Number’s ‘Christmas Song’ came out in 2015 (had almost a billion YouTube views since) so maybe this one has some staying power. 




                                 2018                                                            2019


Have a listen to Back Number:



We hope you have fun with this new set of cards. Enjoy the expanded question set. Below you will also find a link to our 2018 version so you can have fun comparing the differences in answers and boards and rules for the game are linked below. 



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 




So Says Japan: Christmas and New Year 2018


Game Board and Rules 




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